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Frigault Coat of Arms

The following is from "Pierre Frigault et Josette Bouthillier de Caraquet et Leurs Descendants" by Jean-Guy Frigault (description revised October 15, 1997 per the author).

With a slight variation in the name, the Frigault Coat of Arms (see above left) was registered in 1819 to a FRIGOULT family from Liesville, Normandy, France.

The Arms
On a red (gules) background a chevron between two shells (escallops) on top in yellow (gold) and a crescent in the base of the shield in white (silver).

Gules (red) symbolizes the virtue of Love of God, Charity and Courage. Gules gives courage and liberality. It is the military color for excellence.

The Escallop was the badge of pilgrims, and was attached to the hood or hat. The escallop is an emblem of safe travel. Because the shells, once separated, can never be rejoined, the escallop is also an emblem of fidelity.

The crescent stands for one who has been "enlightened" and honored by the gracious aspect of his "sovereign." It is also borne as a symbol of hope of greater glory.


The Frigault Genealogy

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