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Below are some photos of Frigault Family ancestors and descendants ... more will be added in the near future. Please let us know if you see any family resemblance or remember someone from your childhood!

Do You Know This Man?

The man in this photo may be the father of  Joseph Frigault, who was born 26 May 1914 and died 21 January 1956 in Quebec, Quebec, Canada. Written on the photo is "M. Frigault."

If you can help identify this man,
please contact
Monique Frigault.

I am writing to find out if it would be possible to post a picture of someone I believe to be my great-grandfather. We came across the photo a few weeks ago after my father died. None of his siblings know who the man in the photo is. Probably the only person who knew was my father.  As we have a lot of distant relatives in our family tree, I was hoping to be able to post this picture to see if any other Frigaults or relatives of Frigaults know who this person is. I understand you may receive many such requests, and will understand if you are not able to help me, but thank you in advance for your time.

Monique Frigault


The church at
Teurthéville-Bocage in France
Photo by Jean-Guy Frigault

Church at Teurthéville-Bocage

Alfred Frégault, 1905
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I found this picture of my grandfather, Alfred Frégault. It's dated May 11, 1905 and was taken at his First Communion. He is André Frégault's father (my dad). He was born in Montreal, Quebec and was married to Lydia Ouellette.

Brigitte Frégault Blais

Here's a picture of my grandmother, Lydia Ouellette Frégault, wife of Alfred Frégault, on her First Communion day, in Montreal, Quebec. Dated 1905.

Brigitte Frégault Blais

Lydia Ouellette Frégault, 1905
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Madeleine Frégault, 1918
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This is a picture of my dad's sister, Madeleine Frégault. It's dated 1918.

Brigitte Frégault Blais

Marie-Ann Caron 1798-1884
Wife of  Joseph Frigault
Daughter of Benoit Frigault & Élisabeth Guyon

Marie-Ann Caron

Jean-Baptiste & Flavie (Lambert) Frigault

Jean-Baptiste Frigault, son of Joseph Frigault & Marie-Ann Caron, and his wife, Marie-Flavie Lambert (1821-1884), daughter of François Lambert & Marie-Louise Brière

Sacred Heart Cemetery - New Bedford, MA

Sacred Heart Cemetery - New Bedford, MA

Sacred Heart Cemetery • New Bedford, MA
Tombstone of Israel-Joseph Frigault 1857-1899
Son of Jean-Baptiste Frigault & Marie-Flavie Lambert
 and wife, Evergene Provost 1862-1948
Daughter of Antoine Provost & Achsah Ball

Also listed:
Adelard Lessard, Evergene's second husband
and their daughter, Evergene Lessard

Photos by Anne (Reynolds) Scott


The Frigault Genealogy

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