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Order Now!Pierre Frigault et Josette Bouthillier
de Caraquet  et Leurs Descendants
By Jean-Guy Frigault
New Brunswick Frigaults must have this book! This wonderful publication contains information about the origins of the Frigault name and the birthplace of the Frigault family, an introduction to Pierre & François Frigault, and lists the vast majority of the descendants of Pierre Frigault of Caraquet. It also contains some wonderful photographs of the town of Teurthéville-Bocage, the birthplace of the Frigault Family!
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Order Now!The Frigault Coat of Arms
Our own full-color Frigault Coat of Arms on parchment,
commissioned by Jean-Guy Frigault
Your Frigault Coat of Arms is ready! Jean-Guy Frigault of Boucherville, Québec has had multiple copies of our own coat of arms printed and is now ready to receive orders! Included with your purchase will be a description and history of the Frigault crest (you can specify French or English).
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Frigault Tactical/Hunting Knives
Crafted by Rick Frigault
Tracadie, N.B., Canada
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Frigault Zippered Knife Pouches
Crafted by Rick Frigault
Tracadie, N.B., Canada
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Order Now!Niagara Rhythmic Wooden Spoons
Beautiful rhythmic spoons handcrafted by
Clarence "The Spoonman of Niagara Falls" Frigault
These beautiful traditional spoons are lovingly and skillfully handcrafted from kiln-dried wood by Clarence Frigault, the Spoonman of Niagara Falls, and are a must for every family of French origin! Choose from maple or the unique black walnut/maple combination. Both are available in left- or right-handed versions, and all come with instructions for making your own music!
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Order Now! Les chemins de ma vie
By Adèle Frigault-Mailloux
Full of inspiration and great family photographs!
The author, a descendant of Pierre Frigault of Caraquet, has written this book in the hope of inspiring readers to look beyond the hardships life has to offer. Adèle's three children have muscular dystrophy, and she donates all profits from the sale of her books to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
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